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Food bank Amsterdam provides food to fellow citizens who live below the poverty line. We collect food that is otherwise thrown away and work with more than 400 volunteers (the board and management also receive no compensation). Nevertheless, we also incur costs such as the rental of our distribution center, the purchase of transport buses and office costs.
Converted, each crate costs 6 euros. In order to be able to meet these costs, we depend on donations from companies and individuals. Are you helping an Amsterdammer in need?
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You can transfer it to IBAN: NL49INGB0004237650 (BIC: INGBNL2A) In the name of Voedselbank Amsterdam. Please mention “donation” in the description. Thank you!

The amounts in the buttons are the 6 most common amounts that are donated to us. Almost 90% choose one of these amounts. You can enter any amount by clicking the button ‘different amount’.

Of course that’s possible! Gladly even. Go to ‘Recurring donation’ for more information

We need your e-mail address to confirm your donation. When you enter your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail as confirmation within 5 days

Very much! Your help is badly needed. Whether it concerns volunteering or starting or supporting an action.

We can imagine that you would first like to have personal contact before you make a large donation on behalf of yourself or from a foundation or capital fund. You can make your wishes known in a personal conversation with our fundraiser ( Together we will then look at which donation form suits you best.

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