How can I become a customer?

You can go for an intake interview at a location in your area. You can go there without appointment, during office hours. Locations and opening times can be found here.

What should I bring to an intake interview?

During the intake interview, based on criteria of the national food bank, we assess whether you are eligible for a food package. For this, we need some information from you so please bring the following documents:

  • Identification

  • Three months of consecutive bank statements *

  • Income statement

  • Provisional refund of tax

  • Proof of rent payment (home/room) and rent allowance

  • Payment receipts for electricity, gas and water

  • Municipal tax

  • Proof of debts and repayments and any debt rescheduling documents

  • Health insurance and health care allowance; any other insurance policies

  • Where possible, a supporting letter from a referrer

*based on bank statements, access is also given to other financial information.

People who already are in a “budgeting program” (being in debt repayment) and receive money from the budget manager do not have to bring proof of income and expenses, but the budget management statements of the past 3 months.